EDHEC business school

EDHEC Business School Founded in 1906 as a Business Study section within the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Industrielles school in Lille, EDHEC now is a world-wide center for young entrepreneurs. Created by and for entrepreneurs, EDHEC has embodied the fundamental values of business for over a century. The overall aim of EDHEC is to pass on the keys to business success to new generations of managers and entrepreneurs, spreading the conviction that companies can have a positive impact on the economy and on society as a whole. Its main success factors are independence, pragmatism, non-conformism and entrepreneurial spirit.

Key Facts & Figures:

7,900 students, of which 35% are international
260 partnerships (academic exchange and double degree)
30,000 graduates in 125 countries
+100 new businesses created since 2010 by EDHEC Young Entrepreneurs
125,5 mln Euro budget, including 11 mln Euro pedagogical investments
8 mln Euro amount of scholarship funding
3 international accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA

Starting with a clear ambition – to be the school that is most useful and creates the most value for businesses – we have defined a plan of action that aims to speed up our internationalization, develop our offering and spread the fruits of our applied research more widely.
This vision was rapidly embodied in multiple structuring projects: development of our budgetary resources, reinforcement of the teaching faculty through cutting-edge recruitment worldwide, intake of higher numbers of students, new educational programs and innovations, rollout of a new brand platform, etc.
Through the reputation of the EDHEC Infrastructure Institute in Singapore, it has reaped the rewards with a larger international footprint, new academic partnerships (for example with Stanford and Boston University) and the successful launch of chairs and research units of excellence.

Today EDHEC continues to grow at the ambitious rate anticipated by its strategic plan. This is proof of the relevance of its model and its choice. And confirmation that the EDHEC for Business 2020 objective really is within its reach: to be one of the top business schools in Europe and recognised for its impact on business.
By working closely with the world of business, forming partnerships with prestigious academic institutions, and encouraging multiculturalism amongst its students, teachers and graduates, EDHEC provides a unique international experience in tune with the globalized challenges involved with doing business worldwide. 
Between businesses and the academic world, researchers and managers, entrepreneurs and managers in a range of industries, students and teachers from different countries and continents: EDHEC’s strength and vocation lies in its ability to create gateways and maintain a community united around the values of excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship.